A few things in life either has an expiration date or only come once in a lifetime. Grab each one whenever possible.

I feel like my life has been a series of coincidences. My dad was accepted to a university in the U.S. when I was five and because of this we moved to the U.S. 

Then in 2010 my husband put for a job in England and he got accepted. I had a great job, a career job, but gosh, this offer was one of those once in a lifetime thing. I’ve always wanted to live and travel extensively in Europe. So I quit, moved, and we travelled whenever we could.

Maybe it was the early move to the U.S., or the travels that my parents took me on. Who knows, but since I was little, I’ve always loved travelling. 

I grew up around artsy and musical people. My dad can draw really well, my aunts and uncles played some sort of musical instruments, and my brother is both musical and artistic. Then there’s me. I am over 40 years of age and I can still only stick figure.

I think this was where software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, a camera and crafting (mostly paper crafting) grew on my fairly quickly once I got to experience them personally.

I didn’t get good at anything quickly. With time and a bit of stubbornness, I got fairly good and while I can’t say I am a master of any, I’ve been happy with my accomplishments in the arts and design field, even without being able to draw anything more than stick figures.

I started my online design work in the late 90s when I was a webmaster for a Mariah Carey fan page. Then in the mid-2000 I started blogging. Initially about being a mom but gradually it became a papercrafting blog.

I got really good at papercrafting and a few companies invited me to become part of their design team. That was really fun. 

Travelling all over and my interest for photography put a damper on crafting and blogging, I just didn’t have as much time as before, and so I said adieu to my crafting and on to something new.

Just like crafting, I got really good at photography. And Instagram, where I was posting my photos. With time I gained more followers and as my followers increased, so did offers for work from hotels, restaurants, transport companies and tourism boards.

It’s always so much fun collaborating and the best part, when working with other Instragrammers, is that you get to meet those you’ve been following in person. 

While I mostly post on Instagram, now and then I still like to write and this is where the blog comes in. Also, I have this love affair with WordPress and I just can’t let this part of my life go.

Academic and Professional Accomplishments

BA in Psychology and Mass Communications with an emphasis in Advertising and Public Relations.

MSc in Educational Technology.

Over 20 years of web design experience, ten years experience as an Instructional Technologist and adult educator, and five years experience as a professional photographer.

Are you

interested in working with me?

At this time I can only accept a few projects a year. If you are in the tourism industry, please reach out. Other than that, I will not be able to accept. Please use the contact form or you can also email me: hello (at) savitriwilder (dot) com.

If you are a small business or individual who is struggling to grow their social media presence and you need an audit and guidance on how to improve, I will also be able to help. Outside of this, I do not have time at the moment.

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