A Day Exploring Cambridge


I should have written this one a long time ago since I lived just minutes away. But, for whatever reason, I never thought of it. Maybe because I was too busy Instagramming the city 😜 Since many of you will most likely be arriving via plane or car from the direction of London, let me… Continue reading A Day Exploring Cambridge

Fly, Drive or Train to London

London, Nottinghill

There are multiple ways to get to London. One can fly, drive via ferry or Eurotunnel, or use the Eurostar train. Learn all the different ways and cost here.

Five Days in Ghent

Gent, Belgium

A few weeks ago I made an impromptu trip to Gent (or Ghent in English and Gand in French). A good friend of mine, Ellie, was heading that way and she told me she had a double room if I was keen on joining her. A few text messages later to my husband and voila,… Continue reading Five Days in Ghent