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Instagram Mentoring

Whether you are a small business or an individual, I can help grow your Instagram organically. From aesthetics, photography to hashtags, I can get you on the right path to growth.

Price starts at €50/$55 per hour and meeting will be arranged via Skype.

Travel Planning

I have been travelling internationally since I was five-years-old and planning my own travels for over 25 years. I have experience travelling solo, with young children, with older folks, and in a group. While I enjoy 5* lodging and dining, I am a saver and budget traveller at heart. I have taken advantage of travel miles and points. I know how they work. I love logistics and if you read my Puglia by Public Transport post, you can get a glimpse of my transport finding skills.

Travel planning can feel overwhelming at times, or, you are a busy individual with a mountain of family and work commitements. This is where I come in.

With my experience, I can consult you on best route or mode of transport for your journey, the best accomodation and restaurants based on your budget and needs, an itinerary that will make everybody traveling happy, advise on how to get discounted tickets or the shortest queue if tickets cannot be pre-purchased, research guides at the destination if you need one at certain locations, and more.

Do note that I am not a booking agent and will not be able to help you with this portion of the travel planning.

My fee will depend on how many days you are going and what you want me to help you with. For fee estimate, please use the form below to email me and we can chat!


If you are in the travel/hospitality industry or you have a product that fits into my Instagram and blog niche, please feel free to contact me for collaboration work.

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