Hello, it’s Savitri here and I just want to share a bit about myself…

I am married, have two beautiful girls and also two fur babies. I currently work from home as a virtual executive assistant who specialise in WordPress development, graphic design, social media managing, online course development and scheduling. My educational and professional background is in instructional technology — I do educational software research, online course design and training. 

We moved from the US to the UK in April of 2010 and I decided to stay home with the girls. While I enjoy every second with my family and we explored many places, the change was very hard and for a few years, I went through depression.

Through the patience of my family, a lot of reflection and reading on my part, a psychologist and Instagram, I bounced back up and now feeling like I am 100% physically and mentally healthy.

This blog is just a small corner of the internet where I share my travels, photography and random thoughts.

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