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ostuni puglia italy

FINALLY, having the time to blog about my trip to Puglia with Ellie. As usual, I have been meaning to…

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London, Nottinghill

There are multiple ways to get to London. One can fly, drive via ferry or Eurotunnel, or use the Eurostar train. Learn all the different ways and cost here.

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Gent, Belgium

A few weeks ago I made an impromptu trip to Gent (or Ghent in English and Gand in French). A…

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Favourite London/UK Travel apps

I know, something I should have written whilst in England, right? But hey, better late than never they say! So,…

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Deal UK #sehiddengems

Before moving to England, I worked full-time at a university. I worked Monday to Friday with weekends off. After all…

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