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Who likes paying extra for anything? Have you heard of the UK split tickets or split ticketing method?

When I am on the transport portion of the trip planning process, I use websites like Rome2rio to give me an inkling of the different ways one can get to a particular destination. After doing a generalise search on cost per transport method, I would then do a bit more detailed research.

I love the training method for travelling; it’s very relaxing for me. I can sit, read, chat with the family, and just watch the world go by without worrying about hitting the car ahead of me.

While I enjoy taking the train as much as possible, the train, especially in the UK can be quite a bit expensive. This is where the split ticketing method can save you loads of money.

London to Edinburgh by Train

Let’s just use London to Edinburgh for the purpose of this post…

According to Rome2rio, I can fly, drive or take the train over. In the past, I would use the Trainline or Raileasy website/app to book my tickets. I would either buy one ticket and be done with it or, if it’s a bit expensive, I’d try to see if it’s cheaper to buy one ticket to point A and then another from A to C.

In order to do what I did, one needs to know where the train goes and stops. Which to be fair isn’t that difficult. The Network Rail has done a really great job of providing a fab map for all to use. The difficult part is figuring which train ticket combo will be the cheapest. Would it be London to Peterborough then PB to York and then York to Edinburgh? Or would it be London to York and then Edinburgh? Or?? I love saving money and despite me being a stay-at-home-mom, I really never had time for these types of extensive research.

Last year, not long after we left the UK, something new came about in the UK train ticket purchasing market: “Split Ticket” service! To explain it better, Raileasy has a fantastic little video.

Does split ticketing make sense now?

To summarise, a split ticketing website scours all possible train journey from London to Edinburgh and finds you the perfect ticket purchasing combo for the least amount of price. So instead of buying one direct ticket from London to Edinburgh, you will be buying multiple tickets to Edinburgh. Does this mean you need to get off the train and catch a different one? Not necessarily.

Let’s use the London to Edinburgh with a change in York timetable, the one leaving at 08:06 from Kings Cross. If you look at the ticket, the normal cost for a train ticket from London to Edinburgh is £166. Now, I realise there is a cheaper and direct one at 08:00 but we’re trying to learn the concept of split ticketing and how it can save you loads of cash compared to the original price.

Before I go on, note the €194.67 on one of the screen captures.

Today’s exchange rate is €1 to £0.8988 £1 to €1.1126. If we use the XE app, based on today’s exchange, that €194.67 should be £174.98.

What’s my point?

TIP: ALWAYS look at prices using the website or the train company’s local currency.

All the websites I am using are UK based and the train ride is for the UK. Unless there is a huge happening in the stock/currency exchange, use the local currency for the best price.

Moving on…

So the above are normal rates.

Let’s use the split ticketing websites and I’ll use a few just to compare:

Did you notice that while the logos are different, the backend platform are the same? Yes, all three are using system.

Did you also notice that one is cheaper, £52.98,  than the other and that two of the websites charges a £1 booking fee besides a higher price of £57.40? The price difference and fees aren’t bad, especially considering the original price. At the same time, if one company can give me a couple of pounds discount, I’ll use it. To me, that’s a cup of coffee 😜

The breakdown of the ticket purchases is as shown below

All train timetables or changes will be the same. Ditto on seat reservations and how you collect your tickets. The only difference is the number of tickets you get.

So for this trip, instead of one ticket from London to Edinburg for £166, you will be collecting four tickets at the train station and saving you over £100! AMAZING!!!


A new split ticketing website just came online:

I gave it a try and after using the details, came in between Split My Ticket and RailEasy/Split Ticketing at £56.51. split tickets


Buying in advance will almost always give you the best price for direct tickets. Having a discount card helps also – I used to have the Friends and Family discount card. But when prices look high, don’t be discouraged. Give the split ticketing websites a go and see what it can give you.

I did some more playing at the cheapest I could get, while slightly longer trip, is £37.65. It’s only one change through some lovely areas and I really do love train rides.

That’s what I have to share with you today. I LOVE saving money before a trip because by doing this, I can spend more on the actual trip itself.

If you need to save this post for next time, just bookmark or PIN it 😘

You all take care now!

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